Series of 3

Last Christmas, I went to a wonderful party in Ayer’s Cliff. My whole family was there: mom, dad, brother, aunts, uncles and of course my four cousins. There was a pond with toys in it. It was filled with: small stuffed animals, lipstick with colourful swirls, candy bags filled with sour treats and big, juicy, fat candy canes. I had to ‘fish’ out the presents with a cloths pin. My cousins did, too! There was also a silent auction, some cheerful holiday music, even the adults were singing along energetically.

Before we left, my cousins and I made different kinds of drinks like lemonade mixed with Coca Cola or root beer and bubbling cream soda. We handed them out for free, of course. When we were done, we cranked on the music and danced until our feet felt weary and it was time to go. The last thing we saw was the one and only white bearded Santa and his green suited elves with bells on their feet. It was the best night ever, I declared to my mom!

Halloween Poem

The Weirdest Halloween Ever

The grumbling monster,

Hairy and hungry,

Came stomping through my room on Halloween night.

That silly old creature inhaled all my candy,

Wrappers and bags devoured, too.

“That was a good treat!” yelled the monster with a grin on his face,

“let me digest to a skeleton dance.”

With a growl and a howl,

And a stamping and thumping,

The monster moved his rump from side to side.

My room clattered and flattered at the sound of his song.

When all of a sudden, I heard a cricking and cracking.

It wasn’t the skeleton dance anymore,

Just a great big hole at the bottom of my floor.

Hello world!


I sit. I breathe.

I squeeze the horse.

I kick. I whistle.

I pull the reins.

I stop. I listen.

I hear a noise—crick-crack it goes.

I see another horse; it is my sister trotting behind.

I skip. I zoom.

I fall off the horse and get back on.

I pat my horse and prance on home.